Sing Me Back to Dixie NOW AVAILABLE on iTUNES!

YOU WANTED IT!YOU GOT IT!iTUNESSing Me Back to Dixie our new release is on iTUNESOne more time.. OUR NEW CD IS ON iTUNES!! haha Because it took so long iTunes gave us a discount that we can pass on to you. This is limited time offer. So don’t wait DOWNLOAD Sing Me Back to Dixie by Randy Woody and the Southbound Band... read more


Calling all southbound fans we need your help here is a list of stations and their ‪phone numbers let them know how much y’all want to hear Randy Woody & The Southbound Band’s debut single MUSCADINE on the radio!!!! We luv y’all and thank you for your support! PLEASE ONLY REQUEST MUSCADINE it is our only radio single that has been released!    KATC (719) 593 2700 KATM (209) 766-5000 KCYE (702) 730-0300 KFRG (909) 825-9525 KIIM (502) 887-1000 KJKE (405) 478-5104 KKWF ( 206) 726-7000 KMDL (337) 233-6000 KMPS (206) 805-0941 KNTY (916) 646-4000 KRST(505) 767-6700 KSJO (408) 451-5400 KTEX (866) 973-1041 KXLY (509) 328-6292 KZSN (316)494-6600 WAMZ (502) 479-2222 WCKN (843) 972-1100 WDRM (256) 353-1750 WEBG (312) 540-2000 WEZL (843)... read more

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