Jason Harris plays lead guitar with the Southbound Band.

Jason Harris grew up near Tellico Plains in rural east TN in the shadow of the Great Smokey Mountains and was surrounded by music at a very early age coming from a very musical and religious family. He cites his grandfather and his older brother as some of his earliest influences, as both were accomplished musicians. With his Grandfather on Steel Guitar and his Brother on Guitar, Jason learned all of the tricks of the trade by an early age. He was playing in public from the time he could walk, every social event from church services to local dance halls would find Jason in attendance.

Jason plays with a passion and drive that you hardly find in today’s popular music. He is always striving for improvement in his quest for the perfect tone, whether it is in his approach to playing the guitar or arranging music, he is constantly developing fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries of the composition at task.

Jason is a born leader, and you can see it in every note he plays as he conducts the rhythm section like a musical general. It is no doubt that his tireless work ethic and attention to detail have been a key part of the team that makes up Southbound. He and Southbound have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in country music to date.

Jason still lives near his family home place in the Smokey Mountains with his wife Rachel and two sons Tyler and Ethan. When asked why do you play? Jason responded “I’m doing this for a lot of people, some that have already passed on and didn’t get the opportunities I have, but in short, for my family. I hope to make a better life for us, and speak to people through my music along the way.”