fav.jpgRandy Woody not only represents Real Outlaw Country Music he is a modern day hero. What an exciting day he had. Tuesday July 14th 2015. The day Randy Woody & The Southbound Band Released their 10 song Multi Platinum Formulated debut CD “Sing Me Back To Dixie” .

Not Only is Randy Woody “Bringin’ Country Music Back To Country”. He was rushing to Save his 4 year old daughter before a tornado reeks havoc over Tellico Plains, TN. Some would say Randy Woody is a modern day Hero

July 14th while watching the news. Randy Woody saw a funnel cloud was rapidly approaching Tellico Plains TN where he lives. His first thought was his youngest daughter was about a mile away at the baby sitters.

Randy tried to call but there was no cell Service, in a panic he looked at his son and said, “We have to go get your sister!” He looked  at Randy like he was crazy. Without hesitation they jumped in the truck and hit the road only to find how bad the storm truly was.

“By the time we got there the storm could be seen coming up on top of us. The babysitter lives on a huge hill so we could see it circling all around us. When I got there and  knocked on the door, the sitter  had just received the same tornado warning. We were in a panic. I was gonna try to get us back home but we could see above us there was the funnel cloud rotating. I quickly reviewed our options and thought it best to seek shelter in the church basement next door.”

After Randy got to his ‘daddy’s little girl’ a 4 year old princess he knew he had made the right decision. She was scared but knew daddy was there with her.

“I would drive through a tornado again to get to her!”  Randy Woody.

~Before it’s the News