Randy Woody is the Lead Singer and Founding member of the Southbound Band.

From a young age Randy was drawn to country music, born in Maryville, TN near the beautiful Smokey Mountains with his Grandfather singing Southern Gospel music with the occasional Country song. One of his first memories is of a guitar his Grandfather gave him at two years old and how Randy would sit by his side and try to strum along. After his Grandfather passed away Randy took a break from music for a number of years and concentrated on athletics.

Inspired by his Mother, who had been in a band all of his life and gave him his second guitar at 19. He rekindled the passion that had been suppressed for so long. Randy quickly picked up the guitar and began pouring out all of his thoughts on paper. So was born the songwriter in Randy Woody.

One Christmas Eve while at a family gathering Randy took out his guitar and sang a song he had written with his family’s encouragement he decided to pursue a career in music. It wasn’t long until he was taking his guitar to local social events and bonfires where he met writing partner and soon to be band mate Jonathan Cook. The Southbound Band was born and took off like a wildfire. The dates got more frequent and the stages got bigger playing original music that people beg for.  To date Randy has worked with some of the biggest names and on some of the largest stages in country music.

Randy takes to the band stand each night with a passion and fever just as hot as the song burning in his heart, always tipping his hat to the country music greats that have paved this road before him.

When asked about his love of Country Music Randy said: “Country music is the psyche of the common middle class hard working American and without country music this group of people I am proud to be a part of has no outlet.”