Album in The Works:

With That Big ‘Ole country boy style and his great big smile, Randy Woody says “the last several days have been like a whirlwind.”

Woody and the Southbound Band have taken the stage and accumulated a fan base of the “outlaw country” music over the
Monroe County and all around East Tennessee. And these fans have encouraged and followed the group anywhere it played.

There have been changes over the years since the formation of the Southbound Band as some of the faces have changed past ten years at home in but lead singer Randy Woody remains steady on the path his grandfather encouraged him to travel, writing and performing music that reflects the lives of the people they know best, the hard working, middle-class, patriotic American men and women.

Unlike the band members who depend on other occupations to support their families, Randy chose music as his profession and for the past several years has earned his living as a singer, song- writer, and musician per- forming both with the South- bound Band and acoustic solo on stage.

The Southbound Band, present and former members, remains a family, and in the past several days things have become very exciting for Randy Woody and band members lead guitarist Jason Harris, rhythm guitar and song- writer Jonathan Cook, drummer Blake Rider, and bass player Phil Davis.

Woody met Bryan Wayne Perry, CEO of Perry Music Group, several years ago, but recently the friendship presented itself as an opportunity for business. And in as little time as it takes to answer a phone call and drive to Nashville, production of an album that has been dreamed of for years has become a work in progress! Liter- ally! The phone call on Wednesday from Perry led to a meeting with producer Pino Squillace, from there Randy was in Creative Caffeine Studio on Sunday, and by the following Wednesday the first two songs for the album were recorded.

“I have been around this industry all my life, nothing comes together like this recording has c o m e t o g e t h e r, ” B r y a n Wayne Perry said, agreeing that the past several days have been like a whirlwind.

The album will feature ten songs with eight Southbound Band country originals written and composed by Randy Woody, Neil Turpin, Jonathan Cook, Jason Russell, Mikey Pliske, and Jason Harris, including a brand new song Randy wrote only three weeks ago, “All the Proof I Need.”

The album will include “She went to Harvard, I went to Waylon,” written by famed songwriter Tommy Barnes, whose work includes “Indian Outlaw,” recorded by Tim McGraw, and “Man to Man,” recorded by Hank Williams, Jr. Rounding out the ten titles will be “Sing Me Back to Dixie,” an original by the late Wayne Perry, whose song titles ha ve been recorded by several big name country artists including Tim McGraw, Lorrie Morgan, and Toby Keith.

Both Barnes and Perry are multi-platinum writers and each have had huge Tim McGraw cuts. Wayne Perry is the father of Bryan Wayne Perry, who will now assume the role as manager for Randy Woody who will be the agent for Southbound Band.

Producing and record- ing an album requires many hours in the studio and because the band members are family men who are employed full- time, union scale musicians are taking the spots in the studio for the recording.

Manny Yanes, the bass player for the album, has performed and recorded with Elton John, Patty La- belle, Robert Plant, and others. Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist Peter Keys is in the studio and on the drums is the producer, Pino Squillace, who has shared the stage with too many big names to begin listing but includes the Muzik Mafia, and singer/songwriter/musician Ben Sturgell on the piano.

Oh, and a special little addition on the album is a possibility that Randy’s mother, Robin Hatcher, ma y just be harmonizing on a few of these tunes! The formula for success is here,” Perry says, “two songs from platinum songwriters and world- class musicians in the studio.” And there may be other musicians play a role in the album with the eight remaining songs yet to be recorded.

Southbound Band is well known in Monroe County after years of making music at local events and in area restaurants, bars, and grills. The band is a part of this community and has many times over the years used its music and talent to draw crowds for local charitable events and fundraisers.

The group has always been humble and given back as a form of thanking everyone for encouraging, following, and supporting the band.

Moving onto Nashville with an album recording, legalities, copyrights, etc., make it necessary to separate Southbound Band from other groups that have similar names. In order to distinguish the band from any other, the group will now be recording and booking as Randy Woody and Southbound Band.

For years the fans of the Southbound Band have wanted an album, and now it is happening, “but it all happened so fast,” Randy said. “The opportunity of a lifetime came along, and we jumped at it.” Only one little problem exists, for because it happened so quickly, there are financial hurdles, such as all the travel back and forth to Nashville while recording, accommodations while there, a professional photo shoot, and the expenses the band faces in order to produce the album.

“Because of this,” Randy says, “we are looking for sponsorship, investors, those who believe in Southbound Band, those who love the ‘outlaw country’!”

There is an opportunity for the fans and local sup- porters to be a part of this excitement and help these fellows who have been generous to the community.

A GoFundMe page has been set up and anyone who makes a contribution through this page to help the band with the expense of the recording will receive a free download of the whole album, all ten songs for free!

A link to the page can be found on the bands Facebook page, SouthBoundBandTN. It may have taken ten years to get there, but soon Nashville will know what East Tennessee has known for a long time, Southbound is star bound!

Article originally from The Monroe County Buzz
Written by Sharon Dossett Brown