Concerts are the best for me when the performers are down to earth and friendly.  That barely begins to describe the guys and gals that hit the stage Saturday evening at the Princess.

Randy Woody and the rest of Southbound, were the best guys you would ever want to meet, and they were super talented.  This band will go far, so remember that you heard them at the Princess!

Randy’s lead vocals, a deep country rock voice that leaves you wanting more, and Jason Harris’ lead guitar licks filled the auditorium with a solid hard hitting sound.  Aaron Kirby on keyboards, Phil Davis on bass, and Blake Rider on drums harmonized to round out the group’s sound.  Overall, I was impressed with the new group (new to me at least).  They brought their loyal fans and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Between the two shows, Chris (Ernest T.) Monday filled the hall with laughter.  He was up and down the isles and, at one point, even laying on the stage poking fun at the audience.

T. Graham Brown, a very humble person right from the instant I meet him out in the alley before his show.  He was standing around in the heat and humidity telling stories, and joking with everyone…even the hired help (me and Jimbo)! I think the man knows and/or has met all the country royalty in Nashville.  His stories were fascinating, and left me amazed at the names he’s known and the places he’s seen.

I met the backup singers in the “Green Room” early on, and they were a class act.  Delores Wood, Melonie Lee, and Nicole Gains filled that room with the sweet sound of blues while Aaron Kirby (of Southbound) picked the acoustic!  On stage, they rounded out all of T. Graham’s greatest hits.  I didn’t even realize until I heard them, that I had heard and liked them before Saturday.  So, it has made me go on YouTube and get to know Mr. Brown better.

I’ll have to admit, when I first saw T. Graham, after he had changed into his bright sequined red jacket, I thought of Hopalong Cassidy!  His white hot curly hair reminded me of the great old Western stars of yesterday!

However, that voice is smooth as silk and mesmerized me to the point of forgetting that I was there to take photos!  But I soon fell into my normal routine, and I completed my mission.

The band, One Horse Town, were a tight group with a rounded, experienced sound.  The crowd seemed to love them all.

The band is Greg White (lead guitar and of Music City Knoxville), Steve Williams (bass and of Music City Knoxville), Robert Knapp (sax), Blake Rider (drums), Leo Schmead (a.k.a The Wizard – keyboards), Brandon Neal (rhythm guitar), and Glen Hagerman (drums).
>I know you like pictures, and less talking, so here are the cream of the crop!  It was a great night, topped off by his last song “Water Into Wine“!
What a great song, example, and inspiration to others afflicted with substance abuse.  T. Graham Brown has been there, done that, and is now back to entertain us!
by Paul Mashburn